Pathopan image merger: microscopy panorama!

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This tool merges overlapping pictures taken at the microscope, just like how a camera can stitch together many pictures to make a panorama. This can create a low-quality "partial slide image" or "whole slide image" without any special equipment.
This tools works best with low power microscopy pictures that have some empty background, e.g. to show entire biopsy threads or trace along a margin. It probably will not work for high power pictures of solid tumors full of nuclei and nothing else, because this is too dense and random. Find out more about pathopan on Twitter or watch a pathopan tutorial YouTube.

Please click the Browse button below, then select the first image you want to upload for merging, then wait for the green progress bar to complete.
If the green progress bar completes, your image was uploaded! Click the Browse button and select all the other images you would like to upload for merging, which will take some time. You can click Browse many times and merge more images as you wish.

You do not need to crop your images manually. Simply upload the pictures you took at the microscope eyepiece with your smartphone. This service automatically scales and crops your pictures.
Merging works best if consecutive images have 50-75% field of view overlap.

Larger images take more time to process and merge. Small images of 0.5MB in size and approximately 1200x900 pixels take 10-30 seconds each. Larger images of 5MB in size and approximately 4000x3000 pixels take 1-5 minutes each. We have not upgraded computer speed yet. We suggest checking every 1-5 minutes to see how your images are merging.

Merged images will be displayed here. Right click a displayed image and save the image when done!
Image merger initialized.

The video below describes how to use pathopan.

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